Venice Beach

We invite you to travel on a Photographic Journey to Venice Beach – find the deeper side of Venice Beach and discover what the Drum Circle is really about.

This interactive Journey reveals the story behind Venice Beach and the Drum Circle. Whether or not you’ve actually been to Venice Beach, this Photographic Journey will let you experience, for the first time, the striking photos of its sandy coast, thrilling attractions, enchanting music, and the fascinating history behind its Venetian roots.

Venice Beach Boardwalk is known for its shops, attractions, bodybuilders, the Drum Circle, and street performers that do unimaginable things to blow your mind. Our Journey showcases this beachfront community in all its glory, and explores the Drum Circle from an insider’s point of view.

The Venice Beach interactive Journey brings you 30 amazing photos, 9 time laps videos and a full length video with soundtrack Venice Beach by the artist Chill Mood which sets the mood for your adventure. A tell-all article that will reveal why the founder of Venice Beach had to sleep on a pool table, the insider’s view of the Drum Circle, and how Venice Beach of America came to be.

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