Reality Distortion

Photographic Journey invites all Photographers!

Reality Distortion Reflection

Limited Availability - Submit Your best work today for an opportunity to be included in the upcoming Reality Distortion publication, inspired by Star Trek, and Steve Jobs (Thanks to Bud Tribble).

“Reality distortion field (RDF) is a term used by Bud Tribble at Apple Computer in 1981, to describe company co-founder Steve Jobs's charisma and its effects on the developers working on the Macintosh project.[1] Tribble said that the term came from Star Trek.[1] In the Menagerie episode, it was used to describe how the aliens created their own new world through mental force.” from

Reality Distortion Images

Your work will be viewed and appreciated by Art, Photography and good Story loving audience from around the globe.

Entry Rules

NO Photoshop Distortion/effect, Distortion must be Photographed/captured in Camera.

All traditional Film/vintage Retro Skills/methods of producing organic/analog effects (using reflection, objects, glass, fabric, water…) are welcome,

You may use Photoshop only to: Crop, Cleanup, Adjust Color and Contrast,

Along with Your Art, submit detailed-information describing your process of capturing/creating the Distortion/effect,

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