Point Lobos

Join us on a Photographic Journey to Point Lobos, where beautiful wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery greets you at every turn. So beautiful is Point Lobos that Ansel Adams photographed it extensively, and famed landscape artist Francis McComas claimed it to be “the greatest meeting of land and water in the world.” Travel the trails of this masterful park and understand what it is to be at one with nature. It’s no wonder that people deemed it a worthy enough place to preserve.

Whether you are a professional or aspiring photographer; Photographic Journey takes you on an exciting adventure with photos, videos and sounds through this famous state reserve. This hand-crafted stylized journey is reminiscent of pages ripped from an aged storybook.

Gaze into soothing sunsets or watch a photo time-laps of ocean waves crashing into rocky shore in this beautifully crafted Journey. Photographer, Aeron Nersoya, showcases 27 breathtaking images, 6 high-resolution panoramas and 2 awe-inspiring time lapses. It’s full of charmingly obscure references to vintage Kodachrome rich color tones. This photographic journey consists of text and audio narrated by Kellie Fitzgerald. Special thanks to artist Chill Mood for the soundtrack Carmel By the Sea. The Journey truly feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This is the eleventh Photographic Journey in a series produced by Aeron Nersoya and published by Abet Publishing.

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