Photographic Journey

Photographic Journey publication brings you captivating images from the most spectacular places on Earth, revealing the secret beauty and stunning scenes of historical monuments, unique architecture, stunning natural landscapes, and fascinating cultures.

Each collection in the Photographic Journeys series tells its own story of these unique places. From the white sand beaches of Croatia to the candle-lit halls of the Notre Dame Cathedral, you will be astounded by the realism and magic of these earthly treasures.

Featuring incredible, creative, and dramatic images that go beyond the ordinary with every shot, these fascinating photographs will take you on a worldwide Photographic Journey. Unique angles and lighting even bring new perspective and new life to places you have seen before!

Each one-of-a-kind image is accompanied by historical information, little-known trivia, travel tips, useful links, and insider information. Each photo has it’s own meaning – and it is for you to discover!

From the soaring redrock spires of Zion National Park to the incredible fractal symmetry of flowers in your own backyard, this one-of-a-kind app will stretch your mind with stunning professional photographs and amazing information.

Photographic Journey goes beyond the ordinary. You will feel the chanting of French monks reverberate in your bones and feel the soft California winds caressing your skin as you are immersed in some of the most special, magical places on the planet.

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We hope you enjoy!

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