California Super Bloom

California Super Bloom

Every few years, there’s talk of a super bloom. But the California super bloom of 2017 has put most of those prior events to shame.

This Photographic Journey focuses specifically on 5 Focal Points of Interest: Journey - Bloom - Windmill - Imagination - Home.

California Super Bloom journey is photographed in Landscape orientation, the Photographic Journey App is designed to offer You both (portrait and landscape) user experiences.

See the entire Journey through the Eyes of the Photographer, by Selecting Angle/viewpoint and Lens-Focal-Length (optical zoom) and 200% Digital Zoom (pinch to zoom), Lens-Focal-Length is the optical distance from the Focus-Point of the image to the photographer's Eye/Camera Sensor, (35mm film equivalent).

Included in this Journey:
• 9 Stills
• 3 Motions
• 2 Panoramas
• Article
• Music

Available on iPads, iPhone 6 and newer.

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